Elisha - Weep with me
Rob Beamish, 18/06/2017
Elisha - Picking up the Mantle Stranger than fiction
John Thonpson,
Elisha - The Lord Confronts - A story of contrasts
Ben Nuss, 21/05/2017
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Rob Beamish, 14/05/2017

Sunday Meetings

We meet on Sunday mornings for worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship.  The teaching is strongly Bible-based.  Sung worship is mainly contemporary - led by a band. We aim to be singing a good proportion of new songs as we want to be tuned in to the way God is speaking to contemporary culture today, and we want today's generation to be able to Worship God in Spirit and in Truth in a way that connects with them. You'll often find the occasional classic hymn that still resonates truth today and a few older choruses for good measure.  Our evening celebration services vary in theme and format - These, usually twice a month, gatherings are a great opportunity to be challenged and to worship God in an informal and relaxed setting - Please see Church Life / Notice Sheet for dates of the next evening reflection or celebration. 

Tea and coffee is served before and after morning services and you're welcome to stay for coffee after the evening services.


Our services are fairly informal and can vary in style from week to week and we seek to engage with children and youth.


We normally take communion on the 1st and 3rd Sunday mornings each month.


We're on the corner of Hawarden Road and Prince's Drive near the station in Colwyn Bay. 

 Where we meet 




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A LIfe Worth Living
7:00pm Thursday 22 June, Probably Youth Room
Thursday Home Group
7:30pm Thursday 22 June, Holyrood Avenue, Colwyn Bay
Ukulele Group
6:30pm Friday 23 June, Lounge
Morning Gathering : Visit from...
10:30am Sunday 25 June, Sanctuary