Welcome to our website, which continues to be updated regularly.  Please feel free to contact us if there is anything more you would like to know concerning the church.


Please join us for any of our services which you will find in the calender section of this site. Everyone is welcome and we would love to have the opportunity to worship Jesus with you. In the meantime, please feel free to browse the podcasts and news sheets available on this site.


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98 Bible Unzipped 9th July 2016 - Ephesians Part 3 - What is the work of the church?
Julia Bartholomew, 09/07/2016
97 Bible Unzipped 9th July 2016 - Christian Doctrine Part 3 - Life Shapes, The Triangle
Rob Beamish, 09/07/2016
96 Bible Unzipped 9th July 2016 - Samuel Part 3 - The David Story
Peter Cousins, 09/07/2016
Romans: Trophies of Grace Part 1 How sin's slavery is broken.
Rob Beamish, 10/07/2016
Morning Gathering : Romans :...
10:30am Sunday 24 July, Sanctuary
Children's and Youth Work
10:45am Sunday 24 July, PDBC
Evening Reflection : Praying...
6:30pm Sunday 24 July, Sanctuary
7:00am Monday 25 July, whole building
How to find us
Meeting every Sunday @ 10.30am.
Click here for map and directions.

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